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Information on the surrounding area

  • tourist information

    • Atsuta Jingu Shrine / Atsuta Jingu Shrine Kaikan

      Atsuta Jingu Shrine, which is known as Atsuta-san, has Kusanagi no Tsuruga, one of the three sacred treasures, as a sacred body.
      Omiya has a long history next to Ise Jingu.
      In the precincts, the main shrine, the annex, etc. are enshrined surrounded by Kusunokinomori, which is about 1000 years old.
      The wedding hall Atsuta Jingu Shrine Kaikan is also on the premises.

      【From Fukasuien】5-minute walk
      【traffic】2 minutes from the subway "Jingunishi"
    • Nagoya Congress Center

      The building with the design motif of a flying swan consists of 4 buildings, Buildings 1 to 4.
      Century Hall, Event Hall, International Conference Room, Shirotori Hall, which accommodates 3,012 people
      It is equipped with the latest equipment such as a reception hall that can accommodate various meetings and events.

      【From Fukasuien】10-minute walk
      【traffic】5 minutes from the subway "Hibino" and "Nishi Takakura"
    • Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

      In the South Building and North Building, there are various zones according to themes such as "Travel in Antarctica", and the natural environment where the creatures in the water area live is reproduced.
      Performances are also being held in the world's largest main pool, which has a stand that can accommodate 3,000 people.

      【From Fukasuien】20-minute drive
      【Opening hours】From 9:30 to 17:30
      (~ 20: 00 in summer and ~ 17: 30 in winter)
      【Closed days】Every Monday (the next day if it is a national holiday) / New Year holidays
      【traffic】3 minutes from the subway "Nagoya Port"
    • Port Messe Nagoya(Nagoya City International Exhibition Center)

      An exhibition hall at Kinjo Pier in Nagoya Port that can accommodate trade fairs, exhibitions, and various conferences.
      There are Buildings 1 to 3 where various trade fairs and exhibitions are held, and an exchange center and event hall that can accommodate meetings and receptions.

      【From Fukasuien】30 minutes by bus
      【Non-business day】12/28 to 1/4
      【traffic】Get off at the city bus "Port Messe Nagoya"
    • Nagoya Civic Gymnasium

      A sports stadium equipped with facilities such as a stadium, archery field, and pool, in addition to the rainbow hall, which is used as a large-scale multipurpose hall for sports events.

      【From Fukasuien】5 minutes by train
      【Non-business day】End of Year/Beginning of Year
      【Tel】052-614-3111(Substitute)/Swimming Pool:052-614-6211
      【traffic】3 minutes from JR Kasadera
    • Nagoya Castle

      The residence of 620,000 stones in Owari Tokugawa, built in the 13th year of Keicho.Burned down in 1945 due to war.
      The current castle tower was reconstructed in 1959, and has 5 floors and 7 floors, with exhibition rooms on the 3rd to 5th floors.
      The 7th floor is an observatory.

      【From Fukasuien】20 minutes by subway
      【Opening hours】9 am to 4:30 pm
      【Closed days】12/29 to 1/1
      【traffic】5 minutes by city bus "City Hall", 1 minute by Nagoya Castle
    • JR Central Japan Railway Company-Museum of Dreams and Memories-

      Mainly on the Tokaido Shinkansen, conventional lines and superconducting maglevs are on display.
      A railway museum that can be enjoyed by children and adults, including various simulators, Japan's largest railway diorama, and a history introduction corner.

      【From Fukasuien】40 minutes by train
      【Closed days】Every Tuesday (the next day if it is a national holiday) / New Year holidays
      【Tel】050-3772-3910(JR Central)
      【traffic】2 minutes from "Kinjofuto Station" on the Aonami Line