【Official】HOTEL Shinsuien

A moment of deep peace

A 2-minute walk from JR Atsuta Station and a 10-minute walk to Nagoya Congress Center "Shenzhen Garden"
A large communal bath using Bincho charcoal, a passionate Japanese breakfast, and many other attractive services are available.
We provide optimal hospitality, a relaxing environment, and comfortable service that suits your needs.

Feel the peace and relaxation of being surrounded by deep greenery.
Please spend such a time at the hotel "Fukasuien".

Reasons for choosing Fukasuien-Meals-

Reasons for choosing Fukasuien-Bath-

Reasons for choosing Fukasuien-Rooms-

  • Japanese-style room with reasonable price and calm atmosphere

    Not only single rooms, but also double rooms and twin rooms,
    You can stay in a Japanese-style room at a reasonable price.

    In addition, the relaxing Japanese-style room that makes you want to heal the tiredness of your trip promises a comfortable time.

Reasons for choosing Fukasuien-inside this facility-

  • Free Wi-Fi throughout

    Wireless LAN compatible PCs, smartphones and tablets
    You will be connected comfortably in your room or lobby.

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Atsutanomori HOTEL Shinsuien(Shinsuien)


11-6 Tamanoi Town, Atsuta Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

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2 minutes walk from JR Atsuta Station
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